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Sacred Geometry ~ Treading

Here are all the mandalas that went into the video I posted recently. I welcome you to download them and use them as an aid for meditation. The merkaba is a particularly powerful and simple mandala. The essence of the mandala is the point with the circle around it–the ineffable self. The two intersecting tetrahedron show the play of opposites, yin and yang, the dual aspects of the psyche or any situation. By seeing them in perfect harmony, we invite that harmony into our own psyche, or the situation we may be contemplating. Enjoy!

mandala_n mandala_m mandala_l mandala_k mandala_j mandala_i mandala_h mandala_g mandala_f mandala_e mandala_d mandala_c mandala_b mandala_a

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Sacred Geometry: The Past Meets the Future

Here’s a picture to remind us that we’re always connected to our inner Buddha, that even in moments of darkness and despair, the flowering is still happening.

This series is called past meets future because it’s a marriage of some old abstract paintings I made with sacred geometry, the language of the future. Hope you enjoy!

Some prints from this series are now available at society6. Thanks for looking!

Sacred Geometry: New Beginnings

This image transmits the feeling I get from sacred geometry. It feels like revelation in the most innocent and pure way. The beauty of sacred geometry is that it doesn’t have much to say. The same way a flower doesn’t have much to say. It opens for the bee, who instinctively draws out the nectar. It speaks in a language that is clear and pristine.

I feel that sacred geometry is the true higher learning. Really, it’s a sort of unlearning. Our modern world view is that life is a precarious balance which we must strive to maintain. Sacred geometry teaches that the essence of life is balance and harmony. Sacred geometry shows us the energetic blueprint which guides all of life in perfect fractal patterns. Contemplating these forms begins to dissolve the gap between the personal and the impersonal. Between emptiness and form.