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Love is Awakening

dining hall

For the most part, there is not very much happening. The clouds drift across the sky, the river meanders to the Ocean. And the song of the Ocean is an endless lullaby, the divine breath that carries the infinitesimal movements of countless beings. This vast, teeming emptiness is that silent, all-pervasive consciousness that we ourselves are. Limits only exist within the limitless. There is only this invitation to surrender to this, your own Presence, timeless, carefree, witness to all that is…

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~~ Om shanti shanti shanti om ~~



Reverence from Tom Corsus on Vimeo.

Here’s another creative collaboration between Bird & I, some footage we shot combined with our music, a collage of love 🙂

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Gene Keys: The Story of a Book

first, an auditory-musical creative contemplation, followed by a transcription

What are the Gene Keys?

What are the Gene Keys to me?

My friend reminded me of this old story. It’s a story about a book, a book that exists in between time and the timeless, a book that contains all the secrets of life. You know I’ve been reading about this book for a long time. In Sandman, Destiny carries the Book of Life. This book is the Zohar, where every letter is a story in itself. A sort of fractal maze of knowledge. The first book I ever read was the Neverending Story, where the book is a world in itself, and the reader’s imagination populates this Fantasia, his enthusiasm rescues this realm from the nothingness.

Or, it’s like the Dragon Scroll in Kung Fu Panda. I like that reference because I’m a dragon in the Chinese mythology. The dragon scroll that holds the ultimate secret, the key to mastering kung fu once and for all.

The Gene Keys is a book of keys. They are keys that open 64 doors, and once these doors are opened they can never again be closed. Because you are the Gene Keys. When you choose the red pill, you are choosing to know yourself. Isn’t this the great sin of Adam and Eve, that they chose to know themselves? Every myth not only contains some insight, it also holds a shadow perspective, an alternative interpretation that gets swept under the rug of history. There is the mainstream and there is the counterculture, and they have danced side by side throughout human history, which is nothing but a story that adapts itself to the reader.

There are so many myths of this mysterious tome that has been lost, or hidden, or destroyed. A text that will unlock the mysteries of knowledge and power. A book of shadows, a book of leaves, a book of secrets. But… isn’t there a great joke in the heart of the mystery? That it was an open secret all along, that the door was never locked?

The Gene Keys, to me, are a language. Just because you have named something doesn’t mean you know it. It goes on changing. And that’s the mystery, anything that can be named can take on new dimensions, new qualities, and bring new perspectives. Everything is a facet of the mystery of life. And life can’t be intellectually grasped. Life is a dance we must enter into completely, foolishly, lovingly, fearlessly. So many systems of thought and belief are like liferafts that limit us to the surface of things. Gene Keys is more like scuba gear that gives us the courage to plunge into the depths. And who knows what we’ll find there? And whatever is revealed, does it really lessen the mystery of it all?

But if we can’t know anything then what’s the use of a language? What is a language? When I use these words, how is it that you can understand me? And how can I know that you actually understand me, that the words don’t mean something different for you? And what is meaning, anyway?

Isn’t it such a mysterious thing, to feel understood by another person? Two people can solve a math problem and reach the same solution, but isn’t it much more profound to open your heart to another and feel that you are truly heard? Isn’t that the true mystery? The simple fact that we are sharing this common experience, and that language is an integral part of it? Some have even said that language and the world are inseperable, that the world is language and language is the world. In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God… and the WORD was God.

In the myth of Adam and Eve, when Adam learns the names of the animals he has power over them. When King Solomon learns the names of the demons he has power over them. And in society when we know someone’s name we can assign them praise or blame, we can give them a bank account and referrals, a resume and a history. Naming is about power. It’s about control.

Language is a magic that we human beings have mastered… or that has mastered us. Because it’s easy to be a victim of language. Language is a web, a web that can obscure simple and obvious truths. A scientist, for instance, may not have any use for a mystical experience. It doesn’t land in the scientific web. The experience might have great personal value but the objective language web doesn’t know what to do with it and leaves it behind. So we have to be careful with language. Language conditions us to see the world in a certain way and believe that it has been understood. If we don’t understand the mathematical and scientific language that has become dominant in our world, we may believe that we are incapable of understanding life. And so language has belittled us. Or if we are adept at understanding and wielding languages we may believe that we know all there is to know about life, and so language has robbed us of the wonder and awe that comes through not knowing. Language can be a tool or it can be a master who robs us of our inheritance.

So when I say the Gene Keys is a language I mean that the Gene Keys are a tool and a bridge but they are also an invitation into the wordless. This, to me, is the most beautiful language. Like the language of music, which doesn’t mean anything in and of itself but rises to the heights of human experience in the wordless transmission of harmony. Even mathematics has this wordless, conceptless inner essence for those who love logic and paradox.

And in the Gene Keys the whole world lives inside us. King Solomon’s demons live in our DNA, where they lurk and feed on every moment that we live life unaware, loveless and joylessly. And the animals in the Garden are the gifts that flourish in the paradise of an open heart. And even the angels are the exalted virtues that pour effortlessly from the ever-new slate of the awakened mind, the seat of silence that welcomes God, the lonely mountain peak that issues the most crystalline, refreshing water. The whole topography of creation resides within us, and as we open up and embrace this vastness the little separate self is seen as but a tiny cog in the great living intelligence that is our cosmic body, the universe itself.

What are the Gene Keys? The Gene Keys are whatever you make them. In the beginning you might see a book filled with words, and ideas that you can agree or disagree with. But in the end you will see a blank canvas, a set of brushes and colors that appears to be limited but which reveal their limitlessness through the creative joy of experimentation. So this is what the Gene Keys are to me.

What are they to you?


Prosperity, Abundance, Inspiration


According to my Gene Keys profile, my life’s work is being and my evolution is florescence. Being is winter… everything is stripped away until only the bare essential remains–the simple reality of existence. Florescence, on the other hand, is Spring, the essence of life in motion as a spontaneous creative outburst of life in all its wild magnificence.

I love this duality of being and florescence. In the book, Richard Rudd describes being as the archetype of the arahat, who has attained enlightenment and has nothing left to do, whereas florescence is the bodhisattva, who vows to strive and remain in samsara until all beings are liberated.

As it is Spring, I am connecting with the energy of florescence. I am cultivating this insight, also via Richard Rudd, “People don’t need guidance, they just need love. They just need to remember what true love feels like.”

I love this video. It’s so beautiful! So in the spirit of Spring, in the spirit of evolving into my creative genius, I’m going fishing… “I will make you a fisher of men!” And like Amma, “my religion is love.” So I offer all these services and gifts that are just ways for me to share my love and deepen into my love, which is my purpose.

Just a million ways to share the gift of love and spend my life in joyful creation. Idealistic? Impossible? Why? A growing reality I would invite you into.

I have set up an art gallery to showcase my sacred geometry mandalas and photography. I hope it takes off and that anyone who loves these pieces takes a moment to share them with friends & family. I’m also open to doing custom prints for anyone who is interested, which could save you some money.



I have all these pieces and I’m ready to scatter them into the wind. Every creation has a person whose heart it will speak to. And the more people who are moved by a creation the more that creation takes on a psychic love of its own. Right?

I’ve also started creating these Fiverr gigs. They’re little services I offer for $5. Some of them are not so little… Gene Keys readings, Angelic Song creation… others are very little–hug a tree, hug my mom. They’re all just ways to share my love. And why should I charge money for love? Well, it’s just a big joke, really. Maybe so we can start to see that this whole game of money and spirituality and separation is a big joke we’ve played on ourselves. And to pay the rent. Yes, in absurdity the cosmic meets the mundane 😉


Along with this, I’d like to create more videos with contemplations and poetry and Gene Keys stuff, get my music out there more, create sacred tea journeys with Gene Keys contemplations, get a Hang (drum), work on my story about my brother, travel, connect with more people, live a life of service and joy! Extend my online presence, embrace my gifts and self-love and reach anyone who is open to receive this abundance and enjoy it 🙂

And it’s not a stressful undertaking of burdening myself with a bunch of work to “get by,” it’s a joyful risk of creating my own path and getting to know myself better, and understand what is possible and what people respond to.

Here’s a link to some music, by the way:


For anyone inspired by the Sun Hermit, I’d also like to start offering a service that you can get your own story, ask your own question, and have a little conversation with the sage himself.  I don’t know what will pick up and what will drop away, and if this is all sustainable or not. But… I’m having fun! It’s an adventure!

I’d love to hear about your own journey and insights or challenges related to prosperity.

And, as I’m getting in the habit of saying, if this touches your heart in any way, share it with your friends and family! There’s so much out there, so many people expressing their creative genius and also so many people trying to make some money. I am one in the great flood. Nevertheless, this whole divine play runs along the currents of grace… I surrender to the currents of life, and trust that, if there are those who will benefit from what I have to share, we will find each other. And if I have that one person who gets really turned on by all this, and shares it enthusiastically with a lot of people, it could make all the difference 🙂

Many blessings to you all!

With love,


Little Island

Singing Winds

A soulful kirtan

Through laptop speakers

Windchimes sing

In approving harmony

The wind ebbs the

Breath of Ram

Osho says:

“Longing is divine

Until it takes an object

Then it becomes mundane.”

These waves of longing

Crashing on the shores

Of consciousness

A consciousness so vast…

This is where awareness is drawn

This vastness

Which contains so much

Joy and sorrow

Stories of self and other

Are too small

To contain such vastness

So I sink


To the oceanic sound

Of the harmonium

The depth

Of the human voice

The soft carress

Of the wind

The aimless sauntering

Of bird calls

And here I am, here I am,

Stories help me to navigate

To hold a home, feed myself,

Communicate with others

(The real gem!)

But they are held lightly

So that maybe

In some miraculous moment

They will wash away

And leave me alone

With silence

And vastness

And peace, and love

With being

Just being

And some unknown power

Will see through my eyes

Reach out

Through my limbs


With my mind

And explode into the world

Like those first rays of sunlight

Perpetually blessing all beings

In timeless ecstasy

Well, what do I know?

For now, I sit

And drink tea

And enjoy this little island

Of serenity